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ST. JOHN’S, NEWFOUNDLAND – Out of every set of coastal waves, legend predicts that the seventh will be the largest.

7th Wave Craft Roasted Coffee is part of the building movement toward the coffee industry’s future: sustainability, responsibility, and – of course – fresh delicious coffee. 

7th Wave imports only the best of the premium specialty coffees from around the world. Only the highest scoring and quality controlled coffees make it to our roaster. We will not import any “gas station” or other commodity coffees.

We focus on providing our customers the broadest experience in coffee flavours from different regions, altitudes and processing methods. 

A terroir product, like wine, coffee can be greatly influenced by its geography. Altitude, sun/shade, soil conditions, etc. can all affect taste and quality.

In addition to a wide selection of origins and flavours, we also proudly offer a selection of certified coffees to meet our customers ethics, including: organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance, bird friendly and direct trade.

We are obsessed with freshness – from the farm to the cup. Hand picked premium coffees, current seasonal crops, best practices in shipping and storage. Our coffees are packaged immediately after roasting, and brought directly our customers while at the peak of freshness. 

We are committed to educating and promoting best practices in extraction, including storage, grinding, brewing, and cupping. 

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