Our Brand Promise

Papua New Guinea “Sigri” AA

We are founded on three basic principles:

  1. To source the best quality green coffees from around the world.
  2. To roast them in the cleanest and purest way possible.
  3. To deliver it to your cup as fast as we can.


Our roasting philosophy is to roast the coffee only to reveal its best characteristics – not to add roast flavour to the coffee to mask the natural aroma, taste, acidity, and body. 

By unlocking these delicious coffee flavours, many of our customers tell us that they often stop using (or at least reduce) dairy and sweeteners in their daily coffee. Better flavour = lower calories.

Most North Americans get the majority of their antioxidants from drinking coffee. Accessing the freshest possible, locally roasted coffee will maximize antioxidant consumption. 

Our roasted coffees are best experienced 2-7 days after roasting and up to 14 days after opening the sealed coffee bag. 

The enemies of roasted coffee freshness are air and light. Our coffees should be stored in a cool dry place (not your refrigerator or freezer) and in a sealed, opaque container. 

Our whole bean coffees should be ground no more than 15 minutes before brewing for maximum freshness and minimum oxidization. 

The best coffee maker you can have for your home is: your grinder! Only 30% of the roasted coffee bean is actually soluble – so the most consistent and accurate coffee grind ensures the best possible extraction of the coffee flavoursS


As part of our unique air roasting process, we collect a large quantity of coffee chaff BEFORE is gets incinerated on the coffee bean – this coffee chaff is an excellent compost material. We are pleased to partner with Roots Farm in Bay Roberts to compost our coffee chaff for their crops. 

7th Wave only uses plant based coffee cups and lids with are fully compostable. 

We also offer a coffee bag recycling program for our used coffee bags. We divert all used coffee bags to a zero waste solution from TerraCycle. Our customers can return their used bags to us free of charge. 

Our unique air roasting process is all electrically powered. No hydrocarbons are burned and therefore, no hydrogen sulfides are exposed to the roasting coffee.